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Owner Preston Lust

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Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 1.1.4 Build 34


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  3. Oreothlypis sp.

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: As background, I have been routinely checking the thickets by the swamp for warblers this month to no avail. Today, however, I noticed a small olive-colored bird at the base of a tree in the swamp from my dining room. As I returned from quickly fetching my binoculars, I noticed it had vanished. All attempts at relocation proved unsuccessful. Concerning the identification of this exciting bird in the brief seconds I saw it, its underside had a slightly more yellow hue than its top. There was no predominantly grey head, which points to the possible elimination of Nashville – though I did not see it long enough to entirely confirm this elimination. I was able to observe it long enough, at least, to eliminate an apparently warbler-like bird such as a ruby-crowned kinglet. Conclusively, I am fairly confident this was an orange-crowned warbler, due to the size and the coloration. Then again, several identification marks are lacking such as the characteristic yellow under-tail coverts and the eye stripe. As a result, I will leave this as 'oreothlypis sp.'. What is 100% certain, however, was that it was a welcome break from midterm studying.