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Labrador--Muskrat Falls

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    Comments: On Monday 23 March 2015, there was a Snow Storm that delayed opening of the Base and Schools for the morning. This was the initial report day of seeing a large White Bird at the Muskrat Fall Construction site. On Thursday, Scott Stickley called me and described the bird and I contacted Jason Barnes (Environmental Manager, Nalcor) and he sent photos that identified the bird as a Whooper Swan. He secured the carcass that was being scavenged by a Red Fox and brought me the Whooper Swan lunch time 27 March 2015.The Bird was very emancipated with the keel of the breast protruding significantly. Weight wise it is probably only 12 to 15 pounds. It has white wash fecal waste on its feathers around its vent which indicates that it wasn't healthy. No blood on the feathers which indicates it was likely dead before the fox got to it. The carcass is 98% intact. The fox chewed off half of one of the feet and some skin off the neck but it looks like it is still good for a taxidermy mount. Some wing feathers broken but otherwise a good specimen. I have it in my deep freezer and making arrangements to have it preserved. | Comments provided by Tony Chubbs ( |!topic/nf.birds/q0TJj6l04b4 |!topic/nf.birds/G7FPwFseuYs | Uploaded by Alvan Buckley on Dec. 20, 2015