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    Comments: Heard as flew over near the long pond (where previously reported). 3 well-spaced 'pik' notes. Distinct from all other calls heard this morning. Later seen in 3rd row of paddocks east of Tweedy, 2nd and 3rd north of Pretzer. Streaking on back, plain brown cheek/face with bold eye-ring. Photos. All 4 seen at same time, though spaced out.

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    Comments: I thought I heard this earlier in the morning, but rattle was too brief and distant to be certain. Around 45 minutes later, we were watching a group of American Pipits, hoping to pick out a Sprague's, and the group flew toward us and past us to the east. Among the American Pipits was one Lapland Longspur, giving its distinct, somewhat deep flutelike rattle call distinct from all other species seen today. I have conducted extensive winter agricultural surveys in 2012 and 2014-2015 in Michigan and Indiana, where LALO are one of the most abundant species. (From Chris)

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    Comments: Individually counted.

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