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Owner Shane Blodgett

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with m.o.b. at times including Nick Bonomo and Dan Field also Frank/Rob/Brad/Jeff and others


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    Comments: ***MEGA*** one of the 2 long-continuing but exceedingly difficult to locate birds. Seen 2x once perched and once in flight both views in total less than 15 seconds. Initially seen at a distant of ~15 feet in an alert posture (i.e. he was very aware of my presence) in almost full right side profile about 1-2 feet off the ground, the overall reddish brown color dorsally and very prominent white facial stripe were readily visible and I knew immediately what I was looking at.
    I could tell the bird was about to fly and was afraid lifting my camera would make it do so, so I chose to try and alert the closest birder to me Dan Field. Unfortunately the bird did flush to the left and into the understory but then exited out right in front of Dan (who was hustling toward me from my left) an did a U-turn and headed right back at me passing within 7-8 feet of me 2-4 feet off the road. I again saw the bird in profile (it's left side this time) and again the facial stripe and reddish brown coloration were obvious.
    The bird flew low and direct and then rose slightly after it passed me and went around the bend, and was not seen again today that I am aware of. The brevity of my views precludes me from adding much else to the description. I did not notice any iridescence to it's plumage and honestly didn't take note of it's underside coloration as the white facial strip was the thing that most drew my attention

    Dan did say to me that as the bird flew by and then away from him he could make out that the back of the head and neck was grayish.

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