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Owner Matthew Grube

  • 50
  • 60 mi
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  1. Number observed: 500

    Comments: phalaropes were plentiful throughout the day, but all were red-necked as far as we could determine

  2. Number observed: 20

    Comments: most of these were seen identifiably, but a few were seen less well

  3. Number observed: 25

    Comments: we saw good numbers of Cassin's Auklets, including a few that remained on the water for a moderately close approach

  4. Number observed: 75

    Comments: most of these birds were seen just off the harbor

  5. Number observed: 150

    Comments: whereas most of the gulls around the harbor were adults, the vast majority of the birds seen offshore were young birds, and most appeared to be juveniles

  6. Number observed: 8

    Comments: we saw only a few California Gulls offshore

  7. Number observed: 5

    Comments: of five birds seen offshore, at least four were hatch-year birds

  8. Number observed: 2
  9. Number observed: 8
  10. Number observed: 15
  11. storm-petrel sp. (dark-rumped)

    Number observed: 10

    Comments: many of the storm-petrels were seen only at distances that confounded their identification

  12. Number observed: 8
  13. Number observed: 4000

    Comments: we encountered large, dispersed flock not too far off Dana Point and another flock that was nearly as large off Laguna Beach, but we also encountered small numbers of these birds almost throughout the day

  14. Number observed: 18

    Comments: we saw relatively few cormorants offshore, but these included a two or three seen out to Lausen Knoll

  15. Number observed: 15

    Comments: numbers of pelicans seen offshore were also relatively low

  16. Number observed: 1

    Comments: a bit unexpected was a meadowlark that flew by the boat while we were well offshore at 33.39773, -117.90068

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