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Curlew Sandpiper, Ruff (x2), Freckled Duck. Single Curlew Sandpiper seen with a group of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (numbers of the latter have built significantly in the last week). 2 Ruff still present. (Another observer had seen the Pectoral Sandpipers but I did not). Possible Freckled Duck roosting on one of the islands. Colour and head shape looked good, but did not raise head so bill shape not seen to clinch ID. 16 Glossy Ibis also still present. No sign of the Painted Honeyeater at either the lagoon horse paddock or Friendship Bridge over Pitt Town Bottoms Rd. At latter site were Rufous and Golden Whistlers interacting, and singles of Shining & Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo and Black-faced Monarch. Site:Pitt Town Lagoon. Observer:Tom Wilson


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