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Checklist S19267998

Cattai National Park--Mitchell Park, Hawkesbury, New South Wales, AU ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Sun Jul 19, 2009
Party Size:
Birdline Australia
I made a very brief visit to Mitchell Park before heading of the Pitt Town and was surprised to see a Topknot Pigeon land in the crown of a tall eucalypt beside Cattai Creek.It stayed there for at least 10 minutes preening itself offering nice views. I don't see them that often in western Sydney but I did see about half a dozen birds several years ago at nearby Cattai NP. Also at Mitchell Park this afternoon was a Wonga Pigeon (heard), several Common Bronzewings and Peaceful Doves, lots of Olive-backed Orioles and Satin Bowerbirds etc. Reported by Edwin Vella. Sighting 9797, Mitchell Park, Cattai (north-western Sydney).

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