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South Island Pied Oystercatcher. Ian Hutton had seen the bird earlier in the day. When I arrived at the swamp in the late afternoon the bird wasn't there. Within the next 5 mins the following happened. Unbelievable! I found it on the airstrip a couple of hundred metres away from the swamp. No sooner had I spotted it a plane took off and the bird took flight and landed on the road 20m from me. Almost instantly a car came past and it flew back to the swamp, then some cows scared it and it flew over Blinky Beach and wasn't seen again. The poor bird was probably looking for a rest and wasn't having much luck. I managed to get a few pics but very nearly missed it altogether. Reported by Tim Faulkner. Sighting 17105, Airport swamp Mid-Morning, Lord Howe island.


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