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Checklist S19264961

Eulah Creek, Narrabri, New South Wales, AU ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Sat Sep 14, 2013
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Birdline Australia
Painted Honeyeater. Heard already on 12 September, but did not want to post then because of lack of confirmation. Now my wife has also heard the characteristic call of a Painted Honeyeater at Eulah Creek, 20 km east of Narrabri. Open farm country (paddocks, remnant tree population; NO casuarinas, little mistletoe), wrong type of habitat, but there are lots of flowering eucalypts at this time, plus grevilleas and bottlebrushes in the gardens. First time ever I have heard Painted Honyeaters here in the 7 years we live here. They are usually found 50 km farther west, in brigalow and casuarinas. Tried hard, but no visual ID, no photo both times. Site:Eulah Creek. Observer:Michael Dahlem
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