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Black Bittern. A very black bittern was observed flying over McIntosh Park, in the centre of Coutts Crossing at 1150 hrs and disappearing behind a building into trees along a small creekline. I scanned the trees for some time with binoculars but couldn't pick up the bird again. Although only seen in flight at some distance the very black colouration rules out both adult and juvenile/immature Nankeen Night Heron and Striated Heron. Night Herons occur fairly often locally but I have not had any records of Striated Heron near Coutts Crossing. The Black Bittern has been recorded on the Orara River just north of the site and at McPhersons Crossing. Quite a surprise in the middle of the day. Light conditions were good with some sunlight breaking through the clouds. Site:McIntosh Park, Coutts Crossing Village. Observer:Greg Clancy


  1. Number observed: 1