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Checklist S19253469

Castlereagh Nature Reserve, Penrith, New South Wales, AU ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Mon Mar 18, 2013
Party Size:
Birdline Australia
Black-shouldered Kite, Australian Hobby et al.. Late this evening the three of us saw at least two of the resident Black-shouldered Kites catching at least two mice before our eyes. Before I arrived Ravynne and Peter observed two Spotted Harriers (seen the photo proofs) and the juvenile and female Australian Hobby were still near Smith Rd. In fact, the female nearly got hit by a Ford Bronco towing a horse float as she swooped down low over the road to pick an insect off the tar surface. We just about all exclaimed at once at her antics. I also suspect that there was also a Wedge-tailed Eagle soaring well above the escarpment, I could see a very large bird of prey a long way up. On my way home, just near the Castlereagh Rd and Cranebrook Rd T-junction three Nankeen Night Herons flew beside and slightly higher than my vehicle coming off their day roosts at 19:38. First time I saw them near Penrith. Some photos of kites in the further info link. Site:Castlereagh, NSW. Observer:Ákos Lumnitzer, Ravynne and Peter Phelan

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