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Giant Sacaton Swale (in OMDPNM)

Owner Nancy Stotz

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Damp soil and small puddle in road dip suggest a bit of recent rain, but no evidence of sustained rains (all the tobosa flats on the way in still look quite brown, creosote hasn't perked up either). Several coyotes yipping west of check dam.


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  3. ground dove/Inca Dove sp.

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: Likely Common Ground-Dove. Heard up-inflected 2-note call first, then located bird in salt cedar at edge of grass. Tried to move in to get a better look with better lighting, but the bird flew. Instead of flying away from me toward the open ridge behind it, the bird flew back toward the grassy drainage and went right over my head, so I got a great look at the rufous underwing and short dark tail with small white corners. It landed under an isolated mesquite in the giant sacaton, and I proceeded to flush it from the ground in the dense grass three times without ever getting another look at it before it flushed. Last I saw it had flown low into a dense clump of saltcedar and I did not relocate it. I did not have a recording of a Ruddy Ground-Dove with me in the field--when I got home I listened to it at the Macaulay Library: it is also an up-inflected 2-note call, just a little deeper and richer than a Common. The call seemed to match the Common call I had with me in the field, but since I couldn't compare it to the Ruddy until much later, I can't be sure.

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    Comments: inc several stripe-chested immatures

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    Comments: 'chuck'ing and chasing each other (at least 2 adult males in the mix)

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