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Checklist S16898249

Ocean Shores -- Pt. Brown Jetty, Grays Harbor County, Washington, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Sun Nov 26, 2000 9:40 AM
Party Size:
4 hour(s), 50 minute(s)
Alan Knue
8 species (+1 other taxa) total

Chunky phalarope; pale gray back and broad white wing stripe diagnostic.


1st winter bird seen well. Distinctive wing pattern noted.


Seen from 11:30am until at least 2:30pm (by this time the birds were moving way from the jetty area). We guessed there were more than 10 birds but felt this conservative number was best to report. 10 was the most we counted at one time. Details documented and submitted to WA records committee. Record was accepted.

Description: A medium sized tubenose, cigar-shaped, somewhat large headed; short, stout dark bill; longish pointed wings; and medium length, tapering tail. Appeared longer-tailed and smaller in size than Northern Fulmar; heavier bodied and stouter billed than shearwaters. Flight characterized by very fast high arching flight, subject to quick changes in direction and height, like on a rollercoaster.

Upperparts: medium grey from forehead to rump, upper tail coverts and lesser and medium wing covets, broken by a dark bar across the lower back. There was a darker smudge on the ear coverts, and the upper surface of the tail seemed a shade darker than the rump and tail coverts. The upper wing was dark grey from the outer primaries and outer forewing to the wrist and across the greater secondary coverts to the lower back, forming the distinctive 'm'; the inner primaries were a slightly lighter grey than the outer primaries; the secondaries were a shade lighter than the general medium grey of the upperparts.

Underparts: smudge of dark grey across the belly, contrasting with the bright white of the chin, throat, chest, undertail coverts, and most of the underwing. Also present was a contrasting dark grey bar formed by what appeared to be the primary coverts to the middle secondary coverts.

Bareparts: The bill and eyes were blackish.

Sooty/Short-tailed Shearwater

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