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Checklist S16127109

Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP, Miami-Dade County, Florida, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:00 AM
Party Size:
6 hour(s)
3.0 mile(s)
Mike Diaz List , Rangel Diaz
Assisting at the Cape Florida Banding Station
1 species total


Bird was originally caught and banded on 10/3/13. While assisting at the station the next day (10/4/13) it would continuously be flushed along the banding lanes. It was a very difficult bird to get a good look at. Extremely secretive and flushy. The odd thing about this bird was I never saw it on the ground. It was always a bit above head level in Strangler Figs. Perhaps lack of fruit on the ground and constant foot traffic from the Cape Florida banders prompted this different behavior. Virginia Creeper was in fruit so this also could have kept the bird off the ground.

As the bird would flush it would not make a clapping sound like the White-crowned Pigeons in the area and was nowhere near as large. The tail was short and squared unlike that of a Mourning Dove and did not flash white as it flew. It was larger than a Common Ground-Dove and there was no rufous on wings as the bird flew off. The white facial stripe was seen only once as it flew across the lane. Most of the time the bird would fly ahead and bank at the last minute making relocation impossible. The RUQD continued to be caught and flushed but was never seen from a public area. It maintained a territory deep in the banding station.

The Cape Florida Banding Station (CFBS) has been collecting data for over 10 years and the intergrity of the research could not be jepordized by making this public knowledge. MANY attempts were made to locate bird from the public bike path and nature trail but bird never left the main area of the CFBS.


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