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Checklist S15732633

California City Central Park, Kern County, California, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Sun Dec 20, 1992
Party Size:
Bob Barnes
Observers: Bob Barnes, John Wilson.
1 species total

This bird was first found and reported by Matthew T. Heindel the day before, December 19, 1992. This next day, December 20, 1992, John Wilson and I rode together from Bakersfield over to California City Park to see if this bird was still there. On the way, we drove through the Tehachapi CBC circle and jokingly mentioned, "Let's count the Ravens as we go through the circle and report them to the CBC." which was being conducted that day. We rather quickly found the Little Blue Heron, an immature individual, in the park on the little pond right next to the Tierra del Sol Golf Course clubhouse and the north edge of the park. This Little Blue Heron was a small, Snowy Egret-size, white immature egret with a blue-gray bill with a dark tip and dark tips to the primaries. As I recall, it was exceedingly cold (low 20s?) with this little pond either solidly covered with ice or nearly so. Certainly a very unusual date, location, weather, and pond condition for finding this species!

Age & Sex
Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
Sex Unknown 1

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