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Checklist S14107808

Clay Place, Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Douglas County, Oregon, US ( Map )
Date and Effort
Sat May 11, 2013 8:00 PM
Party Size:
1 hour(s), 6 minute(s)
Matthew Hunter
Roost count. Submitted from BirdLog for Android v1.6
2 species total

Submitted to Oregon Bird Records Committee (OBRC) on May 26, 2013. Summary: Noticed a somewhat larger swift with noticeably larger wing area and especially wing span (10-20%). Also noticed it had a feather missing in right wing. Followed it in air, took photos. See images z1542 and z1546 in (the rest are presumed Vaux's). Then heard a lower-pitched twitter/trill at least three times from bird, a sound I have never heard from a Vaux's Swift. Listened to recorded calls of Chimney Swift and immediately recognized the call as that of the bird I saw and heard. Also listened to calls of tropical species similar to Chimney Swift (Spot-fronted and White-chinned), which thankfully are very different from Chimney. Not being very familiar with Chimney Swift, it took some consideration, research, and time for me to be sure of the identification. [29MAR2014] Record was accepted by OBRC during their April meeting; record number 423-13-01.


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