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Ajax, Durham Region

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  1. Number observed: 1

    Comments: 1, immature, present 15 October 1959 - 17 October 1959; unknown finder; documentation provided by: Gerald C. Norris; photo(s) on file (Gerald C. Norris). Published comments: Dates: 15 or 16 October-17 October. ; ;This bird represents the first record of Long-billed Curlew in Ontario. Details of the sighting have been detailed by a number of authors, including Baillie (1964). Prior to OBRC review, the photographs of this bird--well known to be of poor quality--were sent to several experts on curlew identification; collectively they concurred that all other world curlew species could be satisfactorily eliminated. 1st (OBRC accepted) Ontario record for this species. 1st OBRC accepted record for southern Ontario for this species. Record accepted by OBRC (record number 858?). Record published in 1986 OBRC annual report. Published location: Ajax, Durham Region*******************uploaded October 6, 2012 by Mike Burrell