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Checklist S12115994

Port Burwell, Elgin, Elgin County, Ontario, CA ( Map )
Date and Effort
Thu Dec 30, 1948 11:59 PM 🌙 Nocturnal
Party Size:
Published Ontario Bird Records Data
OBRC database formatted and uploaded October 6, 2012 by Mike Burrell
1 species total

1, first winter, present 28 December 1948 - 31 December 1948; found by: Fred Bodsworth; documentation provided by: Fred Bodsworth. Published comments: Previously published records of Ivory Gull in Ontario by the OBRC are one on 13 November 1981 at Netitishi Point, Cochrane (Ontario Birds 1:11), and dessicated remains of one found 5 July 1985 at West Pen Island, Kenora (ontario Birds 5:49). Other than these birds, the only other records of Ivory Gull in Ontario (which are generally considered valid but apparently are not documented) include birds at Niagara Falls, Niagara (1934); Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton-Wentworth (1952-1953); burlington, Halton (1953); Dundas Marsh, Hamilton-Wentworth (1962); Toronto, Metropolitan Toronto (1966); Turkey Point, Haldimand-Norfolk (1967); and moosonee, Cochrane (1988), for a total of 25 provincial records. 4th (OBRC accepted) Ontario record for this species. 2nd OBRC accepted record for southern Ontario for this species. Record accepted by OBRC (record number 1187?). Record published in 1989 OBRC annual report. Published location: Port Burwell, Elgin County*******************uploaded October 6, 2012 by Mike Burrell


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