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Checklist S12115015

Point Pelee National Park (general location for observations within the park), Essex County, Ontario, CA ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Fri Oct 27, 1972 11:59 PM 🌙 Nocturnal
Party Size:
Published Ontario Bird Records Data
OBRC database formatted and uploaded October 6, 2012 by Mike Burrell
1 species total

1, no published plumage details, present 27 October 1972 - 10 March 1973; found by: Dennis F. Rupert; documentation provided by: Alan J. Ryff; James W. Wilson; Alan Wormington; photo(s) on file. Published comments: Dates: Point Pelee (27 October) and Windsor (6 February - 10 March).; ; This is the second record for Ontario. The Committee considers this record and the one for Windsor 6 February to 10 March 1973 to pertain to the same bird since these were the only known occurences of this species in eastern North America during the winter of 1972-73. ; ; The first (OBRC accepted) Ontario record was at Langtry's Bridge (near Emo), Rainy River on 27 May 1934 observed by Edgar Sullivan (Snyder 1938). This is generally considered to be a valid record; however, since no description exists of this bird, it cannot be reviewed by the OBRC. Thus, as of publication of Ontario Birds 14(2) there were considred to be only two accepted records (this one and one from Englehart, Timiskaming in 1995) for Ontario. 1st (OBRC accepted) Ontario record for this species. 1st OBRC accepted record for southern Ontario for this species. Record accepted by OBRC (record number 929?). Record published in 1995 OBRC annual report. Published location: Point Pelee National Park and Winsor, Essex County*******************uploaded October 6, 2012 by Mike Burrell


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