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Checklist S12022975

Rodeo Lagoon, Marin County, California, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Sun Sep 02, 1979 7:00 AM
Party Size:
Bill Shelmerdine
Notes on date difficult to read; either 9/2/1979 or 9/12/1979 (though must have certainly been the 2nd since that was a weekend day and I was working a summer job). Worked riparian strip from lower lagoon to upper stream/willows. Species accounts taken from notes written later that day.
4 species total

Found in thick willows (scrub). 1 bird seen very well upstream from fresh water lagoon where trail access crosses creek. Walked just downstream and entered willows under canopy (no trail, difficult entry, dense). From notes: "Called in by sushing/pishing (along with a number of common species including chickadees).. It moved in close and was very cooperative with un obstructed views. Seemed to be larger and stockier with larger bill than other warblers; also slower. Walked along branches instead of flitting around in the leaves and at the ends of branches like many other warblers. Stayed close to base/stock/trunk of trees/schubs."
Description: "Heavy/ large like MacGillivray's, olive drab body, buffy head with black crown and eye stripes, buffy breast; large-long bill. Wings and tail unmarked. Seen very well (w/in 10-20ft) with unobstructed views for several minutes total. Responded well to pishing." Time of observation was 0930.


Upper lagoon, upper part near parking area with utility shed. Viewed very close, in mixed species flock with chickadees. Adult female, seen well. "White throat and white streak through center of black crown distinctive; strong black and white pattern. Often observed feeding "nuthatch-like" along base of trees/trunks. Was always seen w/chickadees."


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