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Checklist S1111042

Caballo Lake SP--Percha Recreation Area, Sierra County, New Mexico, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Mon Mar 21, 1988 7:00 AM
Party Size:
5 hour(s), 30 minute(s)
1.0 mile(s)
Christopher Rustay
Count also includes a buteo which is likely a Red-shouldered Imm. Smaller than a Red-tail. Tail seemed langer than Red-tail. Dark brown uperparts. Underparts light ivory with dark brown splotches. Weak eyebrow, shoulder maybe slightly more red, Tail strongly striped when flying had whiteish windows from above. Below had buffish wing linings, horizontally striped primaries and secondaries. No feathers on legs, undertail coverts plain or with very few spots. Flight consisted of several quick flaps and a glide, similar to an Accipiter. Seen for about 10 minutes. After a first quick sighting I relocated it when it flew up from a large ditch bordering the park. "Jizz" immediately reminded me of Red-shouldereds in S. Texas last January, both flight and flying up.

Mexican Jay - Though I first was alerted to their presence by call I didn''''t believe my ears, though I''''d just heard them in Arizona the week before. I checked the back with little or any brown or olive as the Scrub''s had nearby and no white throat bordered by darker streaks as in Scrub Jay.

All 3 Jay species were harassing a Great Horned Owl. Flight was typical Mexican flight, in a group and a bit more direct than Scrubs. What are they doing here?

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