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Owner John Hintermister

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Trip to Key West To search for the previously reported Slaty- backed Gull in part. Birding with Howard Adams


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    Comments: Higgs Beach

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    Comments: We followed the directions and had no luck in the Publix parking lot. We checked all the places the bird had been seen at earlier. Later in the afternoon we saw some gulls on the Sears building in the same Publix complex. We drove around there and Howard went directly to sleep. I took the rest of our bait bread and started throwing it up in the air. Almost immediately the bird flew down off the roof and was at my feet. I managed to wake Howard up and here is what we saw: A third year bird. Tail - had a few feathers that were spotted with black. Bill - had a red and brownish-black spot. Eye- Iris was dirty yellow. The orbital ring was pink. Legs and feet - rose colored. Wings- had a broad white trailing edge. The wing extension was about 3 inches giving it a short tailed look. Back- The mantle was slate gray lighter than a lesser Black-backed Gull's.
    I believe it was going into breeding plumage because it had pin feathers in its head and there was little to no streaking on the head. Size- smaller than a Great black-backed Gull and larger than a Herring Gull.

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    Comments: We did not think that Fish Crows were in the Keys. So when we met Mark Hedden we asked him about them and he said that they had arrived a month or so ago and indeed were the first for Key West.

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