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World Shorebirds Day

By rgibbons August 23, 2016
Piping Plover and the holdout

Photo: Greg Lavaty

World Shorebirds Day is September 6 with activities spanning the weekend before. The goals are to encourage citizen scientists to gather shorebird data and to raise awareness for these incredible birds. Houston Audubon, Help Gulf Birds, Katy Prairie Conservancy and many others are planning ways for you to discover and enjoy the amazing shorebirds that breed, migrate through, and winter in Texas. We’ll have big sits (birding tailgate party with spotting scopes) and nature walks at East Beach on Galveston Island, and the Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary on the Bolivar Peninsula, Saturday, September 3.  Katy Prairie Conservancy will lead a shorebird event Tuesday, September 6. Come learn why so many Piping Plovers wear jewelry, why Long-billed Curlews love the Katy Prairie, and where all these birds have been and where they’re going. Shorebirds!

For more Bolivar Flats activity information contact Richard Gibbons at For the East Beach activities contact Kristen Vale at For the Katy Prairie event contact Jaime Gonzalez at