EuroBirdWatch 2018 in Turkey

By burcinferan October 13, 2018

On October of 6th-7th, at 21 different locations in Turkey 521 volunteers met for the 25th EuroBirdwatch event. The teams observed 216 bird species at IBAs and other habitats of birds. More than 30,000 birds were observed during the events in Turkey. This has been the largest ever participation in the history of the Eurobirdwatch in Turkey. Greater flamingo, cormorant and coot are top tree common species counted during the EuroBirdWatch18. Caucasian black grouse, bearded vulture and red-fronted serin are of key bird species observed during these events.

The focus of EuroBirdwatch18 is migratory birds and their habitats at this 25th anniversary. A first summary after the events brought fantastic results from 34 BirdLife International Partners, comprising of 956 events, 25.038 participants and more than 5,2 million birds observed. Data of all national partners were collected, evaluated and published by the European Center, the Luxemburgish BirdLife Partner. Many thanks to everyone who participated the 25th EuroBirdWatch and contributed to the conservation of nature as a birdwatcher.