Announcement 1: Your Kuşbank data has moved to eBird

By keremboyla March 19, 2016
We are pleased to report that your data from Kuşbank have been uploaded
to your eKuşbank account, part of our partnership with eBird. >From now
on, all your current data submitted through eKuşbank and your historical
data from Kuşbank can be accessed in the same place. The Cornell Lab of
Ornithology, which manages eBird, wishes to apologize that this took a
long time to complete. The data have been cleaned and updated to the
current taxonomy.

If you have an eBird account and have been in touch with us or with
Cornell staff, then hopefully your data have been loaded to the correct
account. Please login and check.

If you have not created an eKuşbank or eBird account then you can still
access your data. Just log in to eKuşbank at this link
and use your username from Kuşbank. Your password is the same as it was
in Kuşbank with "-2016" added to the end. Therefore, if your password
was Kuşbank then the new password is Kuşbank-2016. We recommend going to
your eKuşbank Profile at this link once you log in to change your
password to a new one that is more secure.

Even if you already have an account, please check your profile
information to make sure it is correct, has the correct email, and your
name is correct. Here is the link to check your profile information:

Once you have logged in, please check that the data have been loaded
correctly. Users should check this link to see their list of checklists
in chronological order; this link takes you there:

Users should check their Turkey list to make sure their species list is
accurate; this link takes them there:

Thanks you for submitting your bird sightings to eKuşbank. The process
of submitting and exploring data in eKuşbank gets better every year, and
you now can add your photos right in your checklists. We expect some
other great improvements soon and will post about them on the homepage
at eKuşbank.