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Gobarapura Reservoir

Passeriformes > Motacillidae

White-browed Wagtail

Motacilla maderaspatensis

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A rather largish wagtail and the only resident amongst this group. It has black head, back, and upper tail, and white underparts. The broad white eyebrow that extends from the base of the bill to the back of its head is a characteristic. A broad white bar on the wing is visible when sitting and in flight. Female is usually duller black than the male, while immatures have a shorter eyebrow with black areas replaced by grayish-brown and have dirty white underparts. Very vocal; gives a loud 3–4 noted whistle and a “psi-sit” flight call. Mostly seen in pairs or family parties, near wet areas of any kind including small pools in lawns and buildings, running around wagging its tail and flying with a characteristic undulating flight.



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White-browed Wagtail

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