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Tropical Kingbird

Tyrannus melancholicus

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Large, ubiquitous yellow-bellied flycatcher found throughout most of Middle and South America, though tends to be uncommon at the far northern end of its range in the U.S. A classic “telephone wire” bird along roadsides and in towns. Prefers open areas with some trees and water. Most abundant in lowlands and foothills, but ventures up to over 3,000m in some parts of range. Listen for sharp, high-pitched twitters. Nearly identical to Couch’s Kingbird, which overlaps from Texas to Belize; best separated by voice. Larger and longer-billed than Western and Cassin’s Kingbird; also note paler brownish tail. Also very similar to White-throated (longer, forked tail) and Snowy-throated (dark mask) Kingbirds in some parts of South America.



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Tropical Kingbird

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