Male © Andres Vasquez Noboa eBird S70529505 Macaulay Library ML 243934231
Female © Luis Agudelo
Juvenile © Jay McGowan
Female and juvenile © Jeremiah Trimble
Male © Jeremiah Trimble
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Male © Andres Vasquez Noboa
Male and female © Timo Mitzen
Male © Hederd Torres García
Female © Matías Garrido 🐧
Female © Andres Vasquez Noboa

Torrent Duck Merganetta armata

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An amazing duck of fast-flowing Andean rivers and streams. Usually seen as singles or pairs resting on rocks in rushing water and not associating with other ducks. Feeds by diving in churning water and pools and is somehow able to swim up-current with no apparent exertion. Sexes look quite different, but both have a bright red bill and striped back; male has a white head with black lines, while female has a gray head and bright rusty underparts. Body pattern of male varies regionally from black overall to striped with whitish or rusty.