Tibetan Lark Melanocorypha maxima

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Huge bulky lark with a sharp, slightly decurved bill. Pale brown above and off-white below, with a pale brow stripe, distinct brownish ear patch, and a black mark on the neck near the shoulder. Has a less contrasting head pattern than Calandra Lark and Bimaculated Lark, but is overall more strongly patterned than female Black Lark. Distinctively blade-like bill also distinguishes this species from the former two. In flight, snowy white tail edges and back wing edges are eye-catchingly prominent; Calandra Lark has minimal white on the tail tips, and Bimaculated Lark lacks white on either wings or tail. Found in high plateau regions, where it prefers rather wet areas, often on the margins of lakes, marshes, and flooded pastures. Song, given in flight, includes rolling warbles and buzzy grating notes. Calls resemble harsh, buzzy phrases from song.



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