Indochinese Blue Flycatcher Cyornis sumatrensis

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Attractive long-tailed flycatcher with an orange throat and breast. Male is ocean blue above, with a darker face and brighter orange on the underparts. Female is brownish overall, but with some blue tinting on the head and back; some females may appear blue-gray; also note her faint eyering. Both sexes have white lower bellies and blue tails. Can be easily confused with other Cyornis flycatchers, but note present species’ extensively orange throat, roughly even division of orange and white on the underparts, and bluish gray-brown coloration of the female. Primarily a lowland species, but also ranges into foothills; favors open dry forests, forest edges, and scrub; very locally in coastal forests and mangroves. Song is a variable series of clear, pleasant, rising and falling whistles. Call is a dry, smacking “chit, chit”, often given in short bursts.



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