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Passeriformes > Grallariidae

Tepui Antpitta

Myrmothera simplex

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Rotund, terrestrial bird of tepui highland forests. Rich brown above and pale gray-brown below, with a white spot behind the eye, long legs, and virtually no tail. Found at middle and high elevations; most common above 800 m. Always observed on or close to ground. Forages in leaf litter and among mossy rocks for insects. Does not usually follow mixed-species flocks. Far more often heard than seen, but seems much less shy than many other antpittas; may run along ground to within a few meters of observers in response to playback or imitation of song. Song is 6–12 hollow whistles, the series rising slightly in pitch, similar to song of Thrush-like Antpitta but higher-pitched and often longer in duration. Alarm call is a melodious, hollow chuckle, virtually identical to same call of Thrush-like Antpitta; the two species do not overlap in elevational range.



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Tepui Antpitta

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