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Sentinel Rock-Thrush

Monticola explorator

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A medium-sized, elongated rock-thrush with long legs and an upright posture. The male has a gray back and uniform blue-gray head coloration that extends below the throat onto the breast. The female is differentiated from other rock-thrushes by her shape, pale-buff throat and breast, and washed out underparts that lack deep buff tones. Pairs and small groups occupy open high-altitude grasslands and heathlands, where they prefer but are not restricted to rocky areas. The species sits on buildings, rocks, and fences, watching vigilantly for insects before hopping down to chase prey. The male Short-toed Rock-Thrush is more compact than the Sentinel Rock-Thrush and has a two-toned blue-gray and pearly-white head coloration that stops just below the throat. The male Cape Rock-Thrush is much larger and has a brown back.



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Sentinel Rock-Thrush

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