Arafura Shrikethrush Colluricincla megarhyncha

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A chunky bird with a notably thick bill. Shows lots of geographical variation. For example, birds in some areas are grayish with a black bill, pale face, and dull cinnamon wash below; in other areas birds are dark brown on the upperparts and rich rufous below with a pale bill. Found at low and middle elevations in a variety of humid forest, including secondary forest, swamp forest, and mangroves. Rich, melodious, variable song consists of several penetrating whistles, generally in an up-and-down pattern, often ending with one or more exuberant upslurred notes. Calls include “chek” and “whit” notes. Somewhat similar to Rusty Pitohui, but smaller, with a dark rather than pale eye. Similar in size and shape to Sooty Shrikethrush and Black Pitohui, but never as uniformly dark. Also similar to Gray Shrikethrush, but smaller and browner, with some breast streaking.



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