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Reichenow's Woodpecker

Campethera scriptoricauda

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Attractive medium-sized woodpecker with an olive-green back and spotted pale underparts. Males have a red crown, back of the head, and moustache streak; females have a black crown, red back of the head, and black-and-white moustache streak. Both sexes have a streaked black patch behind the eye. Found in savanna and woodland, including Miombo. The vocalizations include tremulous trills and whooping notes in an up-and-down series, often given by a group in chorus. Very similar to Bennett’s Woodpecker, but there is little overlap in range. Both sexes are distinguished by the black-striped patch behind the eye. Females are further distinguished by their lack of brown cheek and throat patches. Fairly similar to Golden-tailed and Mombasa Woodpeckers, but distinguished by the spotted rather than striped breast.



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Reichenow's Woodpecker

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