Red-banded Fruiteater Pipreola whitelyi

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Plump, medium-sized bird of mossy highland forests. Note red-orange bill, legs, and eyes. Plumage of both male and female are unique in range. Males are mostly greenish-gray above with contrasting brown wings and crown; they are gray below with a prominent red breast band merging into a yellow collar. Females are greenish above with a yellow nape patch, and white below with prominent green streaking from chin to belly. Found only in tepui highlands (above 1000 m) where it inhabits middle and upper levels of wet forests and seems to prefer those with heavy growth of mosses and epiphytes. As its name implies, eats fruit and is most reliably seen at fruiting trees and shrubs. Otherwise, pairs are unobtrusive, moving sluggishly between perches and sitting still for long periods; may sometimes follow mixed-species flocks. Distinctive song is a long (3–4 sec.), very high, thin whistle, falling then rising in pitch, and given at long intervals; pair contact calls are short peeping notes.



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