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Caprimulgiformes > Trochilidae

Puerto Rican Emerald

Chlorostilbon maugaeus

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A lively inhabitant of most wooded habitats, coffee plantations, and gardens. The long-tailed male is distinctive in being entirely iridescent green, although can radiate blue at certain angles and lighting. Male Green-throated Carib and Green Mango can also appear entirely green, however both are larger, with longer and strongly curved bills. The female Puerto Rican Emerald is metallic green above, dingy white below, and has a relatively long, forked tail. Its face is typically blackish with a small white spot behind the eye. The similar Antillean Crested Hummingbird has a shorter bill, lacks the black in face and the spot behind the eye, and it has a rounded tail. The emerald's song is a rapid twittering and the common call is a high thin metallic "tsip" given singly or in series.​



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Puerto Rican Emerald

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