Pomarine Jaeger Stercorarius pomarinus

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Bulky gull-like seabird; the largest and most barrel chested of the three jaegers. Breeds on Arctic tundra, spends the rest of the year at sea. Breeding adults are unique with elongated spoon-shaped central tail feathers. Also note blackish-brown upperparts, messy black cap that extends below the bill, and extensive white flash on upper and underside of outerwing. Rare dark morph adult is entirely blackish-brown but still has white wing flashes. Immature birds are variable, but in general, they are barred with brown above and have bold black-and-white bars on the underwing and undertail coverts. Difficult to separate from other jaegers, especially Parasitic. At all ages, note powerful direct flight and broad wings. Typically shows white shafts on six to eight outer wing feathers (more than other jaegers) and more obvious white flash on underwing. Bill is also thicker than other jaegers. All jaegers chase other birds and steal their food.



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