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Charadriiformes > Charadriidae

Pacific Golden-Plover

Pluvialis fulva

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Slender plover spangled with gold. Breeds on Arctic tundra; during migration, found on sod fields, dry mudflats, and beaches. Birds in breeding plumage have a black belly and face with mottled white sides, a white stripe down the neck, and a crown and back spangled with gold. Nonbreeding and juveniles are mottled brown with a golden wash on their backs and head, especially vibrant on juveniles, and a pale belly. Most easily confused with Black-bellied and American Golden-Plover. Note more slender bill and more golden tones than Black-bellied. Pacific Golden-Plover is slightly shorter-winged and longer-legged than American Golden-Plover, but difficult to judge. Juvenile Pacific usually brighter than American. Pacific found more regularly on beaches and mudflats than American, but much overlap; also note range. Note voice; a quick "plip" note followed by a rising "plooEEP". First note shorter and more clipped than Black-bellied.



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