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Passeriformes > Pipridae

Orange-bellied Manakin

Lepidothrix suavissima

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A small, unobtrusive bird of lower slopes in the tepui region. Adult males are mostly black with a yellow (not orange) belly, bright white forehead, and sky blue rump; females and young males are bright green above and dull yellow below, with a bluish wash on the crown. Occurs at lower levels in the forest and feeds on fruit taken in short sallies, like other manakins. This is often the most common manakin in the higher-elevation forests. Most frequent vocalization is a high twittering, rising and falling slightly; very similar to a call of Tiny Tyrant-Manakin. Also gives a soft, single note with a peeping quality; both sounds are easily overlooked. Very similar to White-fronted Manakin of lowlands (and female-plumage birds of the two species are essentially identical), but adult male Orange-bellied has a solid black breast without a yellow spot. Females are told from other female manakins by bright green upperparts and bluish crown.



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Orange-bellied Manakin

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