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Matanuska Lakes SRA (Palmer)

Passeriformes > Parulidae

Northern Waterthrush

Parkesia noveboracensis

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Brown-and-white denizen of dense vegetation near water. Look for off-white underparts with dark streaks (often with a noticeable yellowish wash) and a whitish eyebrow. Stays on or near the ground, constantly bobbing its rear end up and down. During the breeding season, favors thickets, dense bogs, or alder swales around slow-moving water. Winters primarily in Middle America and the Caribbean, extending into northern South America (further south than Louisiana Waterthrush). Very similar to Louisiana Waterthrush, but usually more yellowish base color below, duller legs, and narrower off-white eyebrow. Also look for small streaks on the throat (clean white on Louisiana). Best distinguished by song: a loud, two- or three-parted descending series of chips. Call note very similar to Louisiana: a loud, metallic chip.



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