Adult male © Ryan Schain eBird S14085500 Macaulay Library ML 40144451
Immature male © Ryan Schain
Immature female © Alix d'Entremont
Adult © Larry Therrien
Immature female © Ian Davies
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Adult male © Davey Walters
Adult female © Kevin McGowan

Northern Parula Setophaga americana

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Small, short-tailed warbler with a sharply pointed, bicolored bill. Blue-gray above with mossy-green patch on the back, white eye-arcs, and yellow breast. Adult males have most extensive black and rufous breast band; young females are plain yellow. Breeds in mature coniferous or deciduous forests, especially near water. Builds nest with moss; especially fond of Spanish moss in the southeast U.S. and old-man’s-beard in the Northeast. Found in any wooded habitat in migration. Winters primary in the Caribbean and eastern Mexico. Loud song is a buzzy, ascending trill with sharp chip at the end; sounds like a zipper. Compare with Tropical Parula, which always has a clean yellow or orange breast and lacks white eye-arcs.