New Zealand Storm-Petrel Fregetta maoriana

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Small seabird endemic to New Zealand. Dark blackish-brown head, breast, upperparts, and tail. Rump and belly white with variable dark streaking running down from breast. Underwings have pale panel with broad dark edge. Note especially long legs, with feet trailing well behind the square tail. Thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 2003 on Little Barrier Island, which remains the only known breeding location. At sea, recorded mostly around New Zealand’s northern waters. Four similar species: Wilson’s Storm-Petrel has dark underparts and underwing; Black-bellied Storm-Petrel is larger, with shorter legs that still extend past tail and with a white belly that has a black line down the middle; White-bellied Storm-Petrel is larger, with feet that do not extend past tail; Gray-backed Storm-Petrel does not have a white rump.



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