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Passeriformes > Sturnidae

Lesser Blue-eared Starling

Lamprotornis chloropterus

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Beautiful, glossy green-and-purple starling. There is a stripe through the eye that sometimes looks black and sometimes deep purple. Juveniles in the northern part of the range have a brown head and underparts, while southern juveniles have distinctive rufous underparts. In the south, found in broadleaf woodland, mainly miombo. In the north, uses a variety of savanna, brush, and woodland habitats. The song is a complex, chattering series, and the call is a vibrant rising note, which is often incorporated into the song. Very similar to Greater Blue-eared Starling, but smaller and shorter-tailed, with a thinner stripe through the eye. Also similar to Cape Starling, but has a dark eye-stripe and a purple belly, and is usually found in different habitat.



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Lesser Blue-eared Starling

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