Large Blue Flycatcher Cyornis magnirostris

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Typical blue flycatcher; male is bright blue above and orange below, while female is grayish-brown above with a light orange suffusion on her pale belly. Breeds in eastern Himalayan foothill forests and winters in more open habitat in lowlands of Thai-Malay peninsula. Combination of orange throat, long broad bill, and extensive orange on underparts (stretching from the throat down to the belly) serve to distinguish male from other similar species. Dull female is lighter-colored and has a paler throat than similar Chinese Blue-Flycatcher. Closely related Hill Blue Flycatcher is extremely similar and identification may be safer when based on range; visually, look for Large Blue’s slightly larger bill with a more pronounced hooked tip, paler throat in relation to the chest, and paler pinkish legs. Gives a high, sweet song with harsh rattling notes interspersed; averages longer than similar song of Hill Blue Flycatcher.



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