Adult © Francis Canto Jr eBird S64147152 Macaulay Library ML 208032701
Adult © Jeff Tingle
Adult © Jeff Tingle
Immature © Jorge Eduardo Ruano
Adult © Jay McGowan
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Immature © Ken Chamberlain
Adult (with Black Vulture) © Róger Rodríguez Bravo

King Vulture Sarcoramphus papa

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Uncommon, large, and spectacular bird of lowland tropical forest, mainly in wilder areas and not around human habitation. Most often seen soaring overhead in mid-late morning, often fairly high up with kettles of Black Vultures; rarely seen perched. Striking adult has a colorful head and neck, piercing white eyes, and mostly white plumage with a black trailing edge to the wings and tail. Immature is blackish overall and lacks the white wing markings of the smaller Black Vulture. Immature develops adult plumage over a few years with white appearing first on the belly and the underside of the wings.