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Henst's Goshawk

Accipiter henstii

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A big, powerful goshawk. Adults are gray on the back with fine gray barring below; females much larger. Immatures have a brown back and thick streaks below. Endemic to Madagascar, where it is a scarce resident of all types of primary forest. Rarely sits in the open, and only occasionally soars. Territorial call is a loud repeated “khew” which is often given in flight. Males can be very hard to separate from similarly-sized female Madagascar Sparrowhawk. On Henst’s, look for fine bars on the undertail, a completely barred throat, and a central toe of normal length. Immatures may only be separable based on toe length. Also very similar to the rare Madagascar Serpent-Eagle. Subtle differences include slightly smaller size, evenly-spaced barring on the chest, thicker black bands on the tail, and an unbarred back. 



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Henst's Goshawk

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