Sisón ventrinegro de Hartlaub Lissotis hartlaubii

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A medium-sized, long-legged, long-necked bustard. The male has a striking black face pattern and a black line down the neck that connects to the black belly. The female is much plainer. In flight, shows a mostly white wing and a black rump. An uncommon species of grassland and savanna. Male is similar to male Black-bellied Bustard, but separated by blacker face with a cleaner white mark on the cheek. Females are very similar, but Hartlaub’s has a pale line down the faintly speckled neck. In flight, Hartlaub’s also shows less black in the wing and a black rump. The male Hartlaub’s gives a click, a pop, and a moan, which sometimes precede a display flight in which he jumps up into the air and then parachutes down.



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