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Parque Ecológico Corazón del Bosque
Passeriformes > Tyrannidae

Hammond's Flycatcher

Empidonax hammondii

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Small grayish flycatcher, very similar to other flycatchers, especially Dusky and Gray. Subtle differences include smaller bill with limited pale base, slightly more peaked crown, and longer wingtips. Also note habitat during breeding season: Hammond's prefers mature conifers, often seen higher up in trees than Dusky. Habitat overlaps more with other flycatchers during migration and winter; found in a variety of brushy wooded habitats. Back is greenish with a yellow wash to belly; fall birds in fresh plumage are brighter than spring and summer birds. Voice is key to identification, especially call notes: high-pitched "peek" and whistled "peer." Without an excellent view, silent birds often best left unidentified.



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Hammond's Flycatcher

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