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Middle Branch Trail--Schneider Loop

Accipitriformes > Accipitridae

Gundlach's Hawk

Accipiter gundlachi

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A secretive raptor of wooded habitats including mangrove swamps. Though this species sometime soars, its flight is usually powered by several rapid flaps followed by a brief glide. In flight, note the long rounded tail, short rounded wings, and a large head that protrudes well in front of the wings. Adults are barred orange below while immatures are streaked brown. The similar Sharp-shinned Hawk is somewhat smaller in body and head and has a shorter, squared-off tail. Migrant Sharp-Shinned Hawks from North America are scarce within this species’ range, and are best told by structure and size. Resident Sharp-shinned Hawks, which share this species’ range are conveniently barred gray below. Immature Sharp-shinned Hawks can also be distinguished from Gundlach’s by their narrow, but distinct white eyebrow. The Broad-winged Hawk is somewhat similar, but it is much shorter tailed and somewhat longer winged. The common call is an emphatic “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh…,” with the first couple notes quieter than rest.



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Gundlach's Hawk

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