Adult male © Silvia Faustino Linhares eBird S59191870 Macaulay Library ML 176672361
Adult female © Silvia Faustino Linhares
Adult male © Kathleen Keef
Adult female © Ian Thompson
Adult male © Joao Quental JQuental
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Adult male © Silvia Faustino Linhares

Gray Antwren Myrmotherula menetriesii

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Small antwren of rainforest midstory. Males are pale gray with black and white wing bars. Throat is gray in most of its range, but in southwestern Amazonia the center of the throat is black (but never as extensive as the broad black bib of Long-winged Antwren, which also is overall a darker gray). Females are light buffy tan below, gray above, with no wing bars, appearing more two-toned than very similar but more evenly-colored female Long-winged Antwren. Often can be heard singing in the early morning, an even paced series of rising “wuee” notes at a pace of about two notes per second.